4 Ways to Increase a Home’s Value this Year in the Bay area

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Whether you’re planning on getting your home ready to sell or live in it for years to come, we have some top suggestions on how you can make your properties more valuable. Read on to learn more. 

#1 Remodel Your Kitchen

Having your kitchen renovated can not only change your home’s flow and functionality, but it is one of the best ways to raise its value. If your kitchen is closed in and dated, consider removing walls and opening the space up. Add one or even two kitchen islands and invest in high quality cabinetry to make a statement. Adding new energy-efficient appliances and windows will help keep your utility bills down too. Be daring and inventive with lighting to illuminate your beautiful new kitchen. Adding under-counter lighting and overhead statement lights can make a significant difference. Invest in granite, quartz, or marble countertops. 

#2 Remodel Your Bathrooms

When you start the process of renovation for any of your bathrooms, whether it’s the main bathroom, master bath, or even a small powder room, it’s a smart investment. Consider custom tiling on floors and showers;  deep soak tubs are on trend and add a sense of luxury to any bathroom. High-end cabinetry can make an impressive statement while affording more storage space. And it’s worth spending a bit extra of your budget on the fixtures and lights. These extra touches are what makes a superior design and impresses family and friends. 

#3 Add a New Swimming Pool

Who doesn’t enjoy a dip in a refreshing pool, especially during our Bay area summers? When you add a pool to your yard, you can create an outdoor oasis that is perfect for entertaining. This beautiful addition can be the focal point of your yard and even your home. Consider adding a modern pool house that compliments the main house. And the overall design options are endless, from smaller lap pools to large infinity pools. We can help you design the ideal pool for your property and lifestyle. 

#4 Consider Solar Power

Solar power is a popular option in the California because it reduces our carbon footprint, lowers our utility bills and makes the best use out of our sun-kissed summer days. Adding solar to your home is a smart investment, and unlike years ago, you can have solar panels on your roof that complement the house rather than detract from it. From lighting up your home to heating your water, solar power is a good investment in your real estate and the environment. 

#5 Build an addition

Adding square foot to your existing home is one of the best ways of maximizing the value of your property. When most neighborhoods in the bay area average over $1000 per a built square foot in value, investing anywhere up to that point will usually result in a great ROI on a addition project.

This means that besides enjoying a bigger house with more space to create great memories, you will actually be making a profit on upgrading your lifestyle.